A Kauai Wedding

In early October the trek was made to Hawaii for the three days of wedding festivities.

Chase has been a good friend for about 5 years now and is part of a group of guys I regularly hang with. Shortly after meeting Chase he starting dating Jovanna who I’ve come to know as a thoughtful and super cool gal who just happens to have THE best laugh! Chase is one of those guys that to me is pretty easy to read, he’s always looking to have fun and be creative and he loves to get everyone involved. The only thing better to Chase than a day with a few of your closest friends is a day with ALL of your closest friends. Jovanna, as you might can imagine, is a saint for dealing with a huge group of guys all the time. At an age when it’s hard to get a group of 4 or 5 to do anything together, our group regularly reaches 15 or so when it comes to meeting for drinks, having dinner, going surfing, etc. The kind of numbers that are great when you need to put together a soccer game but probably not ideal for romantic low key nights out with your lady. When I received an invite to Chase and Jova’s wedding on the island of Kauai I knew to expect an amazing adventure with not only two special people but also all of our friends. In early October the trek was made to Hawaii for the three days of wedding festivities. Kauai turned out to be way more beautiful than I had thought.

A group of about 15 of us from the wedding were fortunate enough to have stayed in one of the most historical and beautiful properties on the island, The Wilcox Estate. We played soccer and golf on the perfectly manicured lawn, surfed across the street at beautiful Hanalei Bay, rode bikes into town for coffee in the morning, stayed up late drinking on the beach, and lounged around the house soaking in one of the most beautiful setups on the island. The lunches, dinners, and parties that led up to the big day were impeccably planned and perfect making the adjustment to island all too easy.

Despite forecasted rain for the big day, the skies stayed perfectly clear on the north part of the island. The wedding took place at a vast botanical garden that mesmerized all the guests that day till Jovanna showed up and stole the show in her red wedding dress. The ceremony was short,sweet, and powerful and left no dry eyes in the beautiful teak tree grove that Saturday afternoon. An amazing dinner and dance party followed and before the night was over everyone found themselves on the beach witnessing the polynesian tradition of fire dancing. The night and experience was truly unforgettable.

As the wedding events came to an end, and most of my friends had departed, I still had a few days left on the island to explore as I decided to stay for another three days. At one of the wedding parties I had met Bill Hamilton, a legendary surfer and shaper who had been commissioned by Jova to shape a board for Chase as a wedding gift. Bill had some good bodysurfing spots and some extra surfboards and said I could tag along with him one day later on in the week if I wanted to. We linked up one morning and bodysurfed at Lumahai Beach where I swam with my water housing to get shots of him torpedoing through the waves. Bill had been bodysurfing Lumahai for almost 60 years and had never seen photos of himself from underwater bodysurfing. Later that day we surfed Hanalei Bay where I’d been surfing all week but this time I got to ride one of Bill’s timeless shapes. The day was surreal and I ended up meeting another local, Juke, who after finding out I took pictures, asked if I could take some pics of his daughter who is becoming a great surfer. I took Juke up on his offer and after a morning of surfing I hung out with him at his house with his 9-year old daughter Leilani who is cute as can be and rips on a surfboard! My trip to the airport was later that night and I had to force myself to leave, the island had been so welcoming that week. The pictures below only tell my story of Jovanna and Chase wedding experience. If you want to see some of the other attendees experiences hop on instagram and check out the #jcwkauai hashtag.


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