Calvin & Pervert (Featuring Big Willy)

A confederate flag flies high, old appliances and trikes sit out in the yard, and two guys are always out front drinking beer

If you drive east on highway 50, just outside of Orlando, you might notice a quirky residence that looks like something out of the deep south’s past. A confederate flag flies high, old appliances and trikes sit out in the yard, and two guys are always out front drinking beer. And yes, they are always out in the front yard drinking beer. After years of seeing these two I had to stop to take some pictures a few years back. That was when I met Calvin and Ray aka “Pervert”, a couple of old Bithlo locals with a penchant for good stories and Busch beer. The two spend their days sitting in the front yard watching traffic, drinking beers, entertaining friends, and bullshitting about a handful of topics. It was about high noon the day I stopped but that didn’t stop me from drinking a few beers with the guys and taking a few pictures. The guys loved my Polaroid camera and Ray even went inside and brought out his old one that still had film in it to show me. We sat around and bullshitted for an hour or two about a handful of topics before it was time for me to leave. Calvin and Pervert made me promise I’d stop by again and when I did I needed to bring an 18-pack of Busch.

Fast forward a few years to November of 2012. I was en route to the beach via Highway 50 to surf and I noticed the guys were sitting out front as usual but they were having a yard sale. I decided there was some time to spare so I stopped at the store for a 12-pack of Busch and pulled a U-turn to head back. When I pulled up the guys raised their beers to me and asked where the hell I’d been. Also why was I six beers short? They had told me last time it’s only a $1 more for the eighteen pack. I apologized for not remembering and threw the beers in the ice chest.

Both Calvin and Ray were sitting exactly where they were sitting two years prior when I had stopped by. Pervert told me what was new with him (Old Lady still nagging him, he wants to move out to the beach and get away from her) and showed me around the yard sale. I bought a ladder for super cheap before cracking open a beer and shooting the shit with the fellas. They had only made $9 so far that day and that money had gone toward beer so the sale was pretty slow but that was okay by them. I asked the guys if they’d be interested in doing some more photos. “Just as long as you give us some of the thousands of dollars you make off of us!” Calvin joked back. I had just gotten Polaroid film for my 8×10 camera so I was eager to try it out. Calvin and Pervert talked to various people who stopped by for the yard sale while I set up the camera and a few lights. After a few photos “Big WIlly” stopped by and he ended up buying a wood slab to make a table out of. Willy was a nice guy and a good friend of Ray’s, he was $1 short on the $7 asking price but Pervert let him have it anyway. After about two hours there I had some good pictures and knew it was time to go. Despite Calvin and Ray’s best efforts to get me to stay and drink some more, I left with plenty of time still left in the day to make it to the beach. Calvin and Pervert are two cool cats, I’m sure one day down the road I’ll stop back by and drink some more Busch heavy’s. I just have to remember to grab the 18-pack so I don’t look stupid

On my first visit I shot with a Pentax 67 and my Polaroid 190 though I didn’t keep any of the polaroids. Two years later on my second visit I shot with my Canon DSLR and also some 8×10 Polaroids with my Deardorff. The color ones are Polaroid 809 and the black and white ones are the new 8×10 film manufactured by the Impossible Project.


  1. Norma Soderlind

    A step back in time to another world.