Chase’s Surprise Bachelor Weekend

…here in one run-on sentence is more or less what we did for 72 hours.

There’s one question that always seems to come up when it comes to planning a bachelor party. What do you do for the guy that doesn’t want a bachelor party at all? In Chase Heavener’s case it was apparent he really wouldn’t enjoy any kind of standard stripper type party. Chase’s brother Chris knew this all too well and started secretly planning months in advance a bachelor party fit for Chase. Unbeknownst to Chase, Chris started a group email with 15 friends that roughly drew out a motorcycle ride to the east coast of Florida for an all guys camping trip. After well over 100 emails back and forth we had a date, schedule, and a plan for the biking/camping trip. Everything from how we were going to kidnap Chase from work to who was bringing what tent and who was riding what brand of motorcycle. There was some bickering about camping during the hottest time of the year, doing this trip on Labor Day weekend, and many other valid concerns but in the end we decided to just go for it. Getting 15 of us together we knew would make for a good time no matter what. On the Friday of Labor Day we kidnapped Chase from work, stuck him on a motorcycle, and headed east as a group. There was 15 of us with no obligations for the next three days. While I’m surely leaving a few things out and individual plans obviously varied, here in one run-on sentence is more or less what we did for 72 hours.

We rode motorcycles to the beach, drank beer, built a campfire, told stories, cooked all our food for the trip in one night, made bananas in bacon grease for desert, set up tents, sweated in tents, complained about being in tents, woke up and headed straight to cracker barrel, drove to the New Smyrna beach house, napped, surfed, grilled and insane amount of food, talked an insane amount about food, drank beer, slept, woke up again, surfed, had a basketball tournament, had a golf tournament, watched Aaron clean the pool in his speedos, captured photo and video of Aaron cleaning pool in his speedos, motorcycled for more food, watched football, surfed more waves, flew R/C helicopters with GoPros attached to them, did backflips into the pool, talked about chicken wings, had a chicken wing cook off, threw glowing frisbees for night pictures on the beach, discussed the meaning of life, went to sleep, woke up, surfed again, and headed home.

Even though we deviated from the original plan I’m pretty sure no one would’ve changed a thing. Well actually now that I think about it, there was several complaints about Aaron’s Speedos he insisted on wearing most of the weekend.

“Ohhhhh Pool Boy!”


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