Devise & Conquer

Back in May Transworld Wake put on their annual “Devise & Conquer” wakeskate contest.

Back in May Transworld Wake put on their annual “Devise & Conquer” wakeskate contest. A chance for four different wakeskate teams to vie for coverage in the July issue of their magazine. Each team was given three days to build and ride whatever they desired at a small lake at the Projects in Bithlo, Florida. A budget was given for some materials and each team was responsible for a videographer and photographer. I was pretty stoked when I heard the Mutiny team out of Louisiana and Texas wanted me to shoot some stills for them. The guys drove more than twelve hours to Bithlo in a caravan of cars, trailering wood and materials for the project. I hadn’t met most of the guys but everyone was cool and stoked on the opportunity we had. The first day was spent building rails, talking ideas, and getting to know Collin, Chase…… I mean Blake, Mitch, Ryan, Josh, and Bodhi. The plan was to build some simple but clean rails and with mirrors and lots of sunlight, turn the rail park into a little arena perfect for shooting photos and video all day long. As with most plans something goes wrong, and that wrong was absolutely no sunlight the first day of shooting.

The rails were perfect though and the guys were anxious to ride. I had only seen Ryan ride before so it was a pleasure watching all the guys rip harder than I could’ve ever imagined and to also see that Ryan had gotten that much better. That night we decided to try some light painting long exposure action shots on the rails. It was an idea I’d had for awhile but never really tried it or realized how much it would take to nail one. Everyone in the crew manned a flashlight or a car’s headlights or battery powered LED’s and we tried one minute exposures with a pop of flash in the pitch black of the night till fatigue set in. The next day we had the clouds open for about two pretty productive hours and some good light bouncing around for video and stills. Again I was blown away by how good all the guys were. Chase or Blake Steele whatever you want to call him is one of the most technical guys in the sport on the rails. Below are photos of these guys putting their all into two days and two nights of riding and representing Mutiny. Huge thanks goes out to the riders Blake Steele, Collin Gee, Josh Norman, and Ryan Lemons. Bodhi Ambrosio for the carpentry expertise, Mitch Cobb for organizing and filming, Tad Mathews for filming as well, and Shawn Perry for putting on the event.


  1. Shannon

    Their animal shirts are the best! Sick shots as usual