El Vulcanizador

A man’s job with a man’s name.

A man’s job with a man’s name. The tire repair guy in Latin countries gets quite the upgrade as far as job titles go. I photographed a few vulcanizadors in November of 2009 while driving in Nicaragua with my older brother Jeff. Jeff has lived there for a number of years, speaks good Spanish, and is a good sport about stopping for pictures even if it’s some random tire shop. The vulcanizadors are everywhere too, most Nicaraguans can’t afford

new tires so repairing and recycling old tires is a common business. I’m not sure exactly what my brother was telling the guys in Spanish but I think it was something about me working for a newspaper. Everyone posed proudly for pictures and made sure we had their full names and address written down. In order from top to bottom: Bernardo José Mora, Alejandro Lopez Avilez, Francisco Ramos Zoriano, Jorge Viarial Vega, and Walter Antonio Vejarano.

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