Florida To Oregon

Driving clear across the country sounded like a good time so we took off 3 weeks and adventured west.

In March of this year I did something I haven’t done in over eleven years, I purchased a new vehicle. The new to me 2006 Mercedes Sprinter van would serve as a great work vehicle and also a great excuse to escape on road trips. An excuse for a pretty ambitious road trip arose in late July when work calmed down and my girlfriend Kelsey and I bought tickets to the Pick-a-thon Festival in Happy Valley, Oregon. The festival featured three of her favorite bands she’d never seen live and it fell on the weekend before her birthday so we decided to head across the country to celebrate. We took off three weeks and adventured west, crashing in the van almost every night and making up the game plan as we went along. We came across friends old and new and saw some amazing parts of the US. Kelsey was the best travel companion a guy could ask for and the sprinter van now named “Carl Lewis” had no problem knocking out almost 8000 miles in 3 weeks. When my hands weren’t on the steering wheel I tried my best to document our journey. Here are the photos from our trip, a mix of Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California.


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