Fountain of Youth

…maybe this really was the Fountain of Youth.

Juan Ponce De Leon came to Florida by accident in the 1500′s searching for the Fountain of Youth. On Juan’s first visit he landed in modern day St. Augustine where the Fountain of Youth name is used as tourist attraction although he did not find it there. De Leon never actually found the Fountain of Youth but some people believe it does exist. These people believe Juan should’ve been looking further south in a city called Northport. Northport is a small town just inland of Sarasota and is home to the Warm Mineral Springs, the only warm mineral spring in the state of Florida. The water is a constant 87 degrees and full of minerals that absorb naturally through your skin. After hearing about this place from a friend, my girlfriend and I at the time decided to make a Sunday visit to this place. The place is a weird combination of Old Florida and Eastern Europe. No one was speaking English because most everyone there was visiting from Russia, Poland, or the Ukraine. It made for a

very strange scene but after talking to some individuals it became apparent that Europeans have a greater appreciation for the healing powers and health benefits of warm mineral springs than Americans do. One older Polish man told me that going to a spring like this in Europe would cost you hundreds of dollars because most of them have day spas and hotels built around them. This mineral spring was only $15 to get in and was uncrowded. The whole experience was relaxing and bizarre at the same time, we ate lunch at the Polish restaurant on site that served us pierogi’s and Polish beer. At about noon a woman showed up with a radio to do a free “Hydro Yoga” class. The music turned on and everyone started dancing and hollering. I’d never seen older folks get so excited and be so youthful, maybe this really was the Fountain of Youth.

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