“Is that the guy that smashes watermelons with a sledgehammer?”

“Is that the guy that smashes watermelons with a sledgehammer?”

That question became the normal response when I spoke of Gallagher’s arrival in Orlando a few weeks back. My good friends at FCTN Creative had Gallagher come into town to work with them on some video ideas. Gallagher decided to come the weekend before the actual shoot was to take place so, it turns out he was to be in town the better part of the week. I was pretty excited to meet the old comedian myself. I’d seen him live back when I was in 8th grade. Not only did he fulfill all my fruit smashing dreams back then, he was also hilariously crude and surprisingly witty for a man in his 50′s.

Gallagher was past his prime in his career then, so it was hard to know what to expect 15 years later. What we got was an ornery, genius, maniacal, hilarious, yet affable guy. Gallagher has probably seen it all in his 60 something years on this planet so hanging with a bunch of 20/30-something year old guys for a week probably wasn’t the highlight. Nonetheless we took him out with us to local bars and had a great time listening to all his poems and wild ideas. Finally, when the day came for filming, Gallagher turned it on like no other. The guys at FCTN just released an insane video posted below that features some of Gallagher’s poems. Oh and of course some fruit smashing in slow motion courtesy of the new Phantom Miro high speed camera. After the video check out some of the BTS photos I took of all the mayhem.


  1. J Hayes

    “Surprisingly witty for a man in his 50′s”? Amazingly condescending for however old you are.

  2. Jack McGowan

    Thanks Bryan! …It’s great seeing Leo doing well and what a wild day with the extreme “Sledge-O-Matic” – The Phantom Miro is incredible and your artistic view is masterful!

  3. timandannette

    love the behind the behind the scenes…plus after seeing that comb-over, now I’ve got a goal in life

  4. Chase

    That last shot of him with the comb-over is so funny!