Kyng Love

This is the year 2024,..I am kyng,..

“This is the year 2024,..I am kyng,..and this Iron horse is in mode “& named: ..”GODACRON” … its latest upgrade is.. “DimeACrOn”, … i am also a peaceful i entertaine the “people of this Galaxy “(the milkway) …. my body was born o…n”Earth” mind comes from Service is to DO..!! i am an A.L.I.E.N..”without shame”.. (Almight,Love,Inte lligent,Energy,Natural)… when you see me in the streets,it means..(look,listen,&love) …”

These were the words Kyng Love sent me after showing him the pictures I took of him via Facebook. Kyng may have a newer bike than this one as I’ve seen him around town since these photos were taken, nevertheless I was happy to be able to document “Godacron” while it was still rolling the streets of central Florida. Godspeed to you Kyng Love.

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