Larry is a modern day wanderer.

Larry is a modern day wanderer. I met Larry in downtown Orlando one night after he caught my eye on the side of the road. I took a few polaroids of Larry that night but continued to see Larry almost regularly, always on the side of the road but always at different corners throughout town. I decided to stop one day and talk some more to Larry to find out where he had come from. It turns out Larry had been walking around Florida for almost the last ten years. Walking down to Miami from Lake Alfred in Polk County and eventually walking back, all with a shopping cart and barefoot most of the time, someone stopped and gave him a pair of crocs a few years ago though. Larry decided to walk over to Orlando from Lake Alfred a week ago, the 60 miles only took him two days but now he said for the first time he is not sure which direction to go. I asked

Larry what inspired him to walk and what he liked it about it. He told he was inspired by David Carradine’s character in the movie Kung Fu. The scenes in the beginning where he was walking through the desert. Also he said nothing is better than a cold Coke while you walk. Larry’s necklace features all sorts of things he has found along the road, broken sunglasses, old combs, a pair of binoculars, and various other rags and discarded items. The necklace he says represents all that is both good and evil in the world. Before having to leave Larry I gave him a disposable camera, I figured with all the walking around the guy might as well be documenting all the crazy stuff he probably sees. Be safe on your journey Larry.

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