Keep your eye on this guy…

Marek Malinoski is my friend Rusty’s little boy. He’s a wild one, a handsome and energetic little kid. He gets his Mom’s good looks and his Dad’s fearlessness. Rusty is a professional wakeboarder and I head out to his home in Clermont every so often to shoot him doing his thing on the water. Marek is no stranger to cameras since a lot of photographers make it by the house. Keep your eye on this guy, he will most certainly be famous one day.


  1. Carla Danieli

    Hi Bryan! Hope you remember me, just wanted to let you know that I admire your work. Great pictures! I declare myself your fan =)

    Carla Danieli

  2. Bear

    Of course I remember you Carla! Thanks for the kind words, maybe see you out in Clermont sometime!