Mark & Lorna

…we were all lucky to have known such a great performer and man.

Mark Wayne 1932-2012

Mark Wayne, one half of the locally famous lounge act “Mark and Lorna,” passed away yesterday on Valentine’s Day. Mark and his wife Lorna had been performing their “Retro Lounge Act” for over 20 years at the Red Fox Lounge off 17-92 in Winter Park, Florida. When I heard of Mark’s passing my heart sank much like many of his other friends and fans. Mark and I met years ago when I went into the Red Fox to discuss doing a party/photoshoot night at the lounge with all my friends. I proposed a private night at the lounge with invitees coming dressed to the nines so as to recreate a vintage gala type night. The event was a huge success (32nd Annual Orlando Gala Journal) and I was able to get a bunch of great shots of my friends and Mark and Lorna as well. Mark called me every few days excitedly to tell me how much fun he had and asked when I would get the pictures back. The few shots I got of him and Lorna were used in their display stand next to their stage and also on t-shirts and tank tops they had made. I had become their go to photographer and was called anytime they had a big event scheduled. Our schedules never seemed to link up but when I got a call from Mark asking me to be his photographer at his and Lorna’s 40th wedding anniversary I made sure the date was saved. Mark and Lorna had decided to do another actual wedding ceremony 40 years after the fact and I was to show up at their

house beforehand to get a few shots before they went to the chapel to renew their vows. It was a Sunday and I arrived a hair early and was greeted at the door by Mark in his bath robe and slickest toupee. Mark introduced me to their two closest friends and I visited with them while Mark and Lorna got ready. Lorna amazingly was able to fit in her wedding dress from 40 years prior and Mark looked dapper as usual in a fresh suit purchased for the occasion. After a few quick photos on the front porch per Lorna’s request we went inside where Mark insisted on playing me a few tunes before they headed to chapel. I enjoyed something few probably have, a private concert by Mark and Lorna in their own home. I snapped a few photos and thanked them before leaving knowing I had experienced something very special. In the weeks that followed Mark and I talked on the phone a few times trying to decide which shots to print up for their walls and also which one to print and send to their son. Mark constantly offered me money for my time and costs but it was something I could never accept. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get Mark those prints as his life was cut short at the age of 80. I’m still unaware exactly how he passed but I know he did with pure class, just the way he lived his life. My heart goes out to Lorna and their son. We were all lucky to have known such a great performer and man.


  1. lindsey loe

    This is really sweet, Bryan. Thank you.

  2. Son Duong

    Great story Bear, I don’t know Mark but from your description and story he must have been one of those guys you don’t meet and be good friend with everyday. The pics are wonderful too.


  3. McEniry

    Well done Bear. well done.

  4. wendy B.

    Great story and pictures!! Thank you. Mark and Lorna have always been such great entertainers. Two years ago my daughter,Jill, her friends, and I celebrated Jill’s birthday at the Red Fox. Lorna called Jill up to sing a Pointer Sister’s song with her. They brought the house down – everyone whooping and hollering and Mark playing away on the keyboard and grinning from ear to ear. What a great night! Mark will be greatly missed.

  5. karen

    awe… this is ADORABLE. thanks for this.

  6. Jamey Lewis

    Great photos and a really great story!! Thanks Bryan!

  7. Nalweng

    Really nice. Also the sobt post as well.