Mike Livera

…fixes my cameras, gives me advice, and inspires me just like a best friend should.

Mike Livera has been one of the hugest influences on my photographic career. Mike owns a camera repair shop here in Orlando called Kiwi Camera Service. Mike and I met about 6 years ago when he moved back to Orlando from Bellingham, Washington. At this point in time I had just graduated from college with a business degree and was in the middle of making a 16mm wakeskate film. Pretty ambitious considering I had no money, no prior filmmaking or photography experience, and a camera from the 1950′s. I was about halfway done and completely thinking the whole thing would never come together, meeting Mike changed everything. Mike seemed to/does know everything photographically

related which combined with his “can do attitude” gave the project the spark it needed. The shop he was working out of was known as the “Dungeon of Science” and I found myself there often soaking up all of Mike’s advice and technical expertise. Six years later the Dungeon of Science has moved locations a few times and become Kiwi Camera, a full service camera repair shop/ gallery/ darkroom space over in Winter Park. To this day Mike still fixes my cameras, gives me advice, and inspires me just like a best friend should. If you ever need a camera fixed, some photo advice, or just want to meet one of the most interesting and coolest guys in town, stop by his shop and let him know Bear sent you!


  1. Bobby

    Mike is the best, great photos too.

  2. Jeff Soderlind

    Very well said Bear… and the shots aren’t that bad either. He must be proud.