…good waves, good friends, good food, and good Flora de Cana.

For the past 8 years I’ve made my way down to Nicaragua almost annually. My brother moved down there about 6 years ago to help his friend Lance Moss run Surfari Charters, a surfing and fishing charter in the town of Las Salinas. Steady offshore winds and the continuos Pacific swell make the waves magical there and the abundance of tuna and wahoo just offshore make the fishing top notch. This past August I went down for two weeks and enjoyed good waves, good friends, good food, and good Flora de Cana. Along the way I shot some film and polaroids but managed to lose a book full of polaroids early on in the trip. Nevertheless I did come home with some photos, plenty of amazing waves, and good times with new and old friends. Lots of thanks goes out my brother, Lance, Kristin, Gibson, Carrie, Jimmy, Zach, Jody, Billy, Karina and the Noguera family, the We’re on Vacation Crew, and the Surfari Charters Crew. See you again as soon as Florida gets slightly cold.


  1. Lance Moss

    Bear, that is just the most awesome bunch of pics ever!! You are the man!!!! Really grabs the feel of Nica life!!! Great work bro. Have a great Christmas and hope to see you soon!!!! SUBU!!!!!!

  2. Karina

    GREAT PICTURES BRYAN!! My favorite one is the clown! haha and Don Ruffino of course! (i think thats his name)

  3. Stephen

    Great pics that were forwarded from Rob Howland. Im planning on making a move down that way in the next few years…at least for part of the year!

    Keep it up.

  4. Antonio

    When you see how little some people live on and how much we have compared to them, it should give one pause. It makes me think about all the poor people of the world. It’s a humbling thing to me.

  5. Eugene

    great work, you capture more than a picture -4D!

  6. Jason Keller Hudson

    These photos are absolutely amazing! Just made my day.

  7. Marianna Massey

    Hey Brian, amazing pics of an amazing place – well done. MMx

  8. Marianna Massey

    I meant Bryan – sorry!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jeff Soderlind

    Radical pictures Bear. We need to do this again really soon!

  10. Mark Devillier

    Really nice work, Bryan.
    My favorite is the first one. It’s my favorite because it captures the feeling of another day spent with great people sharing the best that life has to offer.
    It’s my favorite because with that sunset comes an awesome dinner with the best fish one can catch … and stories of the day told with big laughs & big hearts.
    Its my favorite because it reminds me of so many great waves seen & surfed.
    It’s my favorite because it reminds me that for every day gone by, there is another one, possibly even better, right behind it.
    Thanks for sharing the stoke.


  11. David Ralph

    Fantastic pics. Makes me want to get back down there real soon. That place in magic and you captured it!

  12. Diane Gould

    You don’t have to convince me! I’m sold.
    We always knew he was Wonder Boy! ;-D

  13. Diane Gould

    You don’t have to convince me! I’m sold.
    We always knew he was Wonder Boy! ;-D