The wakeboard crew that resides and rips in the sleepy Henderson county city

Athens is a rural Texas town about an hour outside of Dallas. Known mostly as a retirement community, Athens is not one of the places you’d expect to be home to a group of progressive wakeboarders. Andrew Adams, Davis Griffin, and Chris Adabie form Shredtown, a wakeboard crew that resides and rips in this sleepy town. A few years back Shredtown made a name for themselves when they started putting videos of themselves online doing their own unique signature style of riding. The wakeboarding world starting paying attention and soon the guys landed a spot on the Slingshot Wake team and started having their pictures published in all the wake magazines.

This year I’ve had the fortunate job of shooting photos for Slingshot Wake. I’ve made my way out to Athens to their private cable park/ranch three times now.

Although all three trips were short, the guys rode their asses off and we were able to get the photos Slingshot needed and more. The last trip proved the most fruitful though. A winch trip to Oklahoma and Kansas with the guys yielded a great number of photos and luckily one shot of Chris that ended up on the cover of the year end issue of Alliance Wake Magazine. Here are some of my favorites from the past year of shooting with the Shredtown Crew. Have a look, be inspired, and then go SHRED! Also head over to their website and watch their videos for more inspiration. Looking forward to being out in Shredtown again soon!


  1. OTT

    WOW, Bear, amazing captures! Sweet sweet work! I mean Magic!

  2. Chase

    omg brian!!! these are so amazing!!

  3. Bryan Soderlind – Zdjęcia ekipy Shredtown

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  4. Mark DeVelde

    thanks a ton for sharing!!! i’m building a website called (it’s not posted yet although we’re of facebook) and i want to include a page for Shredtown … i’ld like to link this article & anything else you do as well … sickest shots i’ve ever seen bro!

  5. Somer

    These boys look wide awake! Great ability to capture personalities, Bryan!

  6. Ron Worley

    Brian, very impressive some really nice and interesting work!

  7. Emil From Phili

    Dudes you are the best..
    Come back and play with me again.

    CWC love