So Fly and Fabulous Hair Show

..and what girl with their hair freshly “did” wouldn’t want to have their picture taken?

A few weeks ago I found myself driving north on good old OBT in Orlando heading home from a friend’s house. A pink station wagon up ahead caught my eye so I decided to follow as it turned into Goolie’s II Beauty and Barber Shop. The two lovely ladies that emerged from the car were stopping for a quick hair touchup before they were off to a hair show. We took a few pictures before they went in to the shop and I got directions to where the hair show would be just in caseI decided to check it out, it sounded like an amazing photo opportunity. At home that night while uploading the pictures, I realized the hair show was the place I needed to be. The hair-do’s were just too fascinating and what girl with their hair freshly “did” wouldn’t want to have their picture taken? I punched the address into my phone and jumped in the car.

I arrived almost two hours late to a packed parking lot at the Bahia Shrine in Eatonville, a city just north of Orlando. The cost of admission was $25 but I told the security guy I was there to take pictures and wanted to talk to the event producer. A man by the name of Life came back and I told him about wanting to set up a photo booth off to the side. He liked the idea and showed me around the event till we found the best place to shoot which was a white wall in the lobby. I had to bring in the lights, camera, etc. so I asked Life if I needed a wristband for readmission. He laughed and replied, “You are the only white guy here, I think security will remember you.”

As I was setting up it quickly became apparent that EVERYONE was going to want to to have their picture taken. I wasn’t too worried about it. I just knew it would be next to impossible to organize the email addresses of the 700 people in attendance all by myself. Once I was all setup I took a walk around the show and starting finding girls who I thought would be great for pictures. I never had to stray too far from my photo setup. Women and girl’s with fascinating hair were everywhere even if they weren’t in the competition that night. By the end of the night I had a cache of great hair pictures, some new friends, and an awesome experience. I never even knew such a hair scene existed.

Since doing this shoot I’ve had a chance to check out a book called “Hair Wars” (apparently there is a TV show too) which absolutely blew my mind as to how crazy these competitions can get. Hair like you’ve never seen before. A huge thanks goes out to Life for letting me setup and get photos so last minute. An even bigger thanks goes out to all the girls who came by and stepped it up for the camera. Love you guys! One of the wildest Sunday nights I’ve had in awhile.

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