The Bay Area

Early in July I made a trip out west on a whim and ended up spending a few days in the Bay Area

Early in July I made a trip out west on a whim and ended up spending a few days in the Bay Area. My ticket to the Bay Area was purchased out of Vegas and within 24 hours of being in Sin City, I had been tapped out in the first round. My arrival at the Oakland airport the following morning brought quite the change of pace from the 4th of July partying on the Vegas strip. Outside the terminal I took in the cool low 60-ish weather before being picked up by my friend Rodrigo and his dog Kim in their ’91Toyota Previa. Kim hopped in the back and Rod and I talked wildly for the hour or so drive back to his place in Discovery Bay.

The next few days I found myself all over the bay area spending time with some great people. Boating on the Delta with Rod, Grant, Derek, Josh, and Lisa. Attending an A’s game in Oakland with Grant and Chet. Enjoying the Palomar Stables just outside of San Fransisco with Chris and Anna. Going to house parties in the Haight District.

Even catching good waves in Pacifica after Chris set me up with an old wetsuit and a board to ride. Along the way I came across some great people who enabled an amazing trip, after only a few short days it was time to go.

The ride from the airport with Rod had started the trip so it was only a fitting a ride to the airport with Rod would be the way to end it. While driving on a bridge with the San Fransisco Airport in view, Rod had to swerve the Previa to avoid a truck with a blown tire and what would’ve been a horrific car accident. I can’t thank Rod enough for his quick reactions and the Previa for being all wheel drive or else I’m not sure I’d be here writing this journal. Below is some photos of the people and places I came across along the way.


  1. Rodrigo

    These are so rad!!!! Had a blast w you, when ya coming back?!?!?!

  2. Collin

    Those are some awesome shots!

    Is that guy getting some aqua head while driving?! Right on!

  3. Benny G

    Sick! Nice work Bear.

  4. Lisa

    Looks like an awesome trip! So many cool photos! It was nice to meet you!

  5. Scott

    Sick, these are all so good.

  6. timandannette

    Clean and beautiful