The Grubb Shot

…it was the last shot on that roll of film and it was a complete accident.

This photo of Brian Grubb’s splash(and ass) basically began my photographic career. It was the last shot on that roll of film and it was a complete accident. The photo was taken in my first few months of owning a still camera. I bought a Mamiya 645 medium format camera from my friend Chris McEniry. I was shooting a lot and had a lot of good ideas but I didn’t execute anything very well. One day while shooting wakeskater Brian Grubb, I tried putting the camera on a monopod and using a cable release, got as close to the action as I could. I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus the camera since I wouldn’t be looking through it so I shot my Ilford HP5 Plus film at 1600 to get good depth of field. Brian ollied over and slid this old abandoned dock by his house while I stood in the water right next to it. I felt like we got some good shots, in fact one of the photos ended up being the first shot I had run in the wake magazines. At the very end of one roll though there was this one shot I loved, at first Wakeboard Magazine loved it too but then they decided not to run it. I had what I thought was my best shot get rejected and it bummed me pretty hard. I was glad to have a photo finally published but was there really no room in the world of wake for some more artsy type shots? Along came the Standerd Quarterly, a magazine colloboration between the two best wake photographers in the world, Joey Meddock and Josh Letchworth.

James Krawczyk, a friend of Joey’s, was laying out the magazine and a partner as well. I contacted them and asked if they would take a look at some of my photos for the inaugural issue. I ended up stopping by Joey’s one day with my entire computer and letting him go through some photos. When he got to the Grubb image he stopped. “Is anyone running this shot? We want it for sure.” It was a done deal. Even though they weren’t able to pay for submissions yet, Joey wanting to use my photos and I was flattered. Fast forward a few months to the Standerd Quarterly Launch Party at the Social in downtown Orlando. The wake industry was buzzing about the release of the magazine, Joey and Josh were the most well respected photographers and the issue was highly anticipated. I had no idea what photos of mine they were going to run but I showed to the party along with everyone else I knew. When I saw the magazine I was blown away, the Grubb image had made the cover, the best photogrpahers in the industry who started their own magazine put my photo on the cover of their first issue. It was an unbelievable feeling that gave me some reassurance to keep taking pictures. To this day I can’t thank Josh, Joey, and James enough for giving me that opportunity. So here is a big cheers to Josh, Joey, James, and happy accidents with your camera!


  1. jamie

    I love this image, and you belong in the company of josh and joey–wake photog legends!