The Roller Boogie

…a wild event of equal parts business and pleasure.

For the first time since 1982, the Greater Central Florida Roller Circuit resumed with a five event tour through the Tri-County area. The last event, The Roller Boogie, has always been a wild event of equal parts business and pleasure. The top 25 from the previous four events and their dates are invited but there is always a gaggle of fans and “quad chasers” that show up for Lake County’s wildest night. Hosted by Skate World in Leesburg, FL, the event featured a couples competition, a synchronized skate, a “boogie off”, and many other disciplines along with plenty of debauchery and general merrymaking.

DISCLAIMER: Our hired event photographer was extremely inebriated and forgot most of his camera settings, showed up late, fell asleep for the entirety of the speed skate and skills discipline, and then managed to forget to develop the film for a month, needless to say this is his last time working in the roller skate business. Our sincerest apologies.


  1. Jamey Lewis