Weekend in Charleston

We landed and immediately began the festivities, dining and drinking…

Back in April I journeyed to Charleston to attend the wedding of Jeff Mckee and Katy Bakker. Jeff is a good friend of mine through wakeboarding and has been dating Katy as long as I’ve known him. Jeff and Katy were to be wed on Katy’s father’s plantation just outside of Charleston, South Carolina in what was to be one of the premiere Southern weddings of the year. A beautiful invitation was received and quickly the hype began as Jeff told me that one of Martha Stewart’s magazines was covering the wedding as a full feature story in one of their upcoming issues. “I’d still be stoked if you brought your camera for a shot or two though” he told me. A few days before the wedding one my friends Gerald invited me to head up to Charleston with him and his wife on a private jet. The weekend was setting up to be “all time” especially since me and Jeff run in the same crew and all our friends would be coming in an RV as well. Thursday came around and I took an hour plane ride from Orlando to Charleston with Gerald and his lovely wife Lourdes.

We landed and immediately began the festivities, dining and drinking at 82 Queens, an amazing restaurant in downtown Charleston. The following day all the males attending the wedding were united and treated to a day of skeet shooting on some land just north of Charleston.  A pre-wedding party followed that night at Husk Restaurant which is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. Saturday was the big day and the wedding did not disappoint. No expense was spared in what will surely go down as the nicest wedding I will ever attend. The dinner menu which was put together by world renown chef Sean Brock will be never be forgotten, nor will the band at the reception which opened with their version of “Float on” by Modest Mouse. Katy looked amazing and Jeff looked pretty dapper himself. I wasn’t able to get any shots of the couple since they were already cheesing for all the photographers covering the wedding so I stayed off to the side and snapped a few. I floated through that entire weekend.


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    Great shots sir