Almost six months after traveling there the place has never left my mind.

I just want to preface this dream job come true by first thanking all those that made this trip a reality. I feel forever in debt to Bao, Glenn Brumage, Matt Wybenga, Keith Kipp, Bill McCaffery, Garrett Cortese, everyone at Wabsono, and Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. I can’t thank you guys enough for the opportunity to experience the Silver Dragon and country of China. For years of shooting wake I’d been itching, waiting for someone to send me on some exotic trip to another country. I’d seen all the top wake photographers go all over the world and live the dream. Shooting with riders in unique backdrops and experiencing new cultures. This perk of the job had alluded me for sometime. I’ve caught myself grumbling more than a few times while thumbing through the magazines and looking at some other guys insane photos in Mexico, Australia, etc. while mine were always the tree/house lined Florida lake shot. So to Bill, Keith, and Garrett; I can’t thank you guys enough for putting faith in me and letting the guy who shoots mainly medium format film be in charge of shooting one of the bigger articles for the 100th issue. If you want to read and see something great, check out the article about the Silver Dragon written by wakeskater/waterman Nick Taylor in the new centennial issue of Alliance Wakeboard.

Sitting down to write this China journal has been completely overwhelming. Almost six months after traveling there the place has never left my mind. My 14 days in China were spent in three of the largest cities in the world and my travels involved so many amazing people and experiences. One of the most unique opportunities I’ve had in my life was photographing the Silver Dragon Tidal Bore that travels the Qiantang River through the modern city of Hangzhou. This naturally occurring tidal phenomenon that has happened for thousands of years was only recently opened up for surfing to a few lucky invited guests. My days in Hangzhou were a time I will never forget, four days on a river with almost 1 million people watching each day as a huge tidal bore traveled down river with a handful of Brazilian and American surfers riding the endless peak. The subsequent treatment and overall experience of Hangzhou provided by our hosts Wabsano and Surfing China was unparalleled and one of the best times of my life. Since I have almost 200 pictures selected from this trip I’ll keep the text to minimum and let you have a look at one of the most amazing and important countries in the world. Professional wakeboarder, videographer, and one of the coolest people to travel with is responsible for the video edit below.

…..and one more thanks to those on the trip. Glenn, Bao, Keith, Matt, Collin, Pato, Wingnut, Mary, Chloe, Curren, Seginho, Bruno, Nick, Evan Bing, Fabiano, and everyone at Wabsano I love you all and hope to see you all soon!


  1. Somer

    Wow, Bryan. What an epic trip that looks like! You did an amazing job capturing the nature of the people, their culture & that f’ing awesome tidal phenomenon!

  2. pennylanerasta

    absolutely beautiful. well done.

  3. Lance Moss

    Epic!! Nice work Bear!!!!!

  4. jessica gwinn

    Amazing body of work here. Really eye-opening in so many ways. Beautifully done.

  5. timandannette

    some of those scooter photos I’d love to have on my wall.

  6. Egan McCartney Bates

    Pics in this album & others are INSANE! You’ve got a real talent, keep it coming!