The Sausage Castle

The Sausage Castle is Mike Busey’s brainchild of living in a bubble that’s part Peter Pan, part PT Barnum, and part early 2000′s MTV.

On the southern swampy side of Alligator Lake is a 30 acre Florida compound with a strange name and a distinct claim to fame. When you query the internet, “what is the wildest house in America?” The answer you get is the Sausage Castle. Currently in its 7th reincarnation, the Sausage Castle is Mike Busey’s brainchild of living in a bubble that’s part Peter Pan, part PT Barnum, and part early 2000′s MTV. Over the years I’d heard stories about Mike and the Sausage Castle. He was on the local news for getting arrested during a huge party at the Sausage Castle and was booked in a Santa Claus outfit. “Gary Busey’s Nephew arrested in Santa outfit” served as the catchy title and the story became the #3 most searched article on the internet that day. One night a skater friend told me had heard that Weeman from Jackass was living at the Sausage Castle for almost two weeks after one of Mike’s parties. I heard weird stories like these from time to time, but it wasn’t until years later that a mutual friend gave Mike my number and told him he needed to invite me out to take some pictures. Mike called me one afternoon and got right into his, “I’m just a fat ass, ugly white dude with a little dick who loves to party” speech. I stopped him halfway through his credo and told him I knew all about him and I was down to come out for a visit.
Taking into consideration the notoriety of the place, I opted to not go solo on my first visit and picked up my friend Brandon on the way. We entered the Sausage Castle gates about 15 minutes early and were greeted at the front door by Mike who was still in the middle of bleaching the sides of his hair but went ahead and gave us a tour anyway. Mike had given the tour a thousand times, his routine was polished and ready to go for what would have to be a very censored episode of MTV Cribs. “Here is where some of the Busey Beauties stay,” Mike voiced as he opened the door to a pink princess room with 5 women putting makeup on “it reeks of regret and period blood in here so let’s keep moving, let me show you out by the pool.” Over the next few hours my camera got the full Mike Busey Show. Mike posed with pugs, pigs, guns, babes in bikinis, and American flags. He jumped in a hot tub inside his house and the pool outside the house. He slugged tequila for photos and directed the circus like cast of characters in the background, even by megaphone at times. The cast included 8 of his female entourage called the Busey Beauties, 2 friends of his on motocross bikes, a Genie that works as a general handyman there, and a band of 5 guys he had come play music for the shoot. Quite a crew for a Monday night but Mike promised me there was normally more people including a 500 pound guy and a midget.

After the shoot was a wrap we went upstairs for a beer while Mike gave me some history of the Sausage Castle. He showed me a loosely edited documentary he’d been working on that featured some of his full blowout parties. One scene I remember was an angle shot from the roof of the Sausage Castle that showed about two thousand people raging to a concert in the front yard. “Osceola County Code Enforcement made me remove my huge American flag stage in the front yard after that one,” Mike recalled “that was a real bummer.”
“This is the 7th Sausage Castle, and it’s not cause we didn’t like the first 6 places, nobody wants to be our neighbor.” For the next half hour Mike got into some of his life story and how the whole idea of the Sausage Castle came about.

Inspired by cool house parties MTV would have back in the day, and the CKY movies that starred a young Bam Margera before his Jackass stardom, Mike started turning the places he lived into party spots where anything goes. “The best thing about my parties is they bring every walk of life together, you’ll have gays, christians, atheists, celebrities, US veterans, goths, blue collar folks, and everyone in between. I wanted to make a place that felt safe for everyone unlike the reality we live in these days, you could be a UCF student punk who heard about my party or a dork that hit me up on twitter and have the chance to hang out with tons of chicks and people like Wee-man, Steve-O, or the guys from ICP. You know how many Juggalos would kill for a chance like that?”

The pictures on the wall in the kitchen don’t lie and neither do the videos on Youtube. Over the years esteemed guests of the Sausage Castles include the entire cast of Jackass, NBA player Amare Stoudamire, the one and only R. Kelly, rapper MGK, the band GWAR, Trace Cyrus of Metrostation, rap legends Three Six Mafia, ICP, Caskey, Mod Sun, and international disc jockey BT just to name a few. Above the celebrity party photos in the kitchen are about 100 pairs of women’s panties hanging from the ceiling, low enough to touch an NBA player’s head I figured. The artwork covering the walls ranges from the make you gag “Zit Dick’ piece to the make you laugh “Rick Ross vs Godzilla” piece. Mike did some of the art himself but others featured include Ande Spade, Inmate Art, and Frog the Artist who also did a lot of art in Bam Margera’s house. The whole place is pure sensory overload, it had me feeling like it was early 2000 and Johnny Knoxville was gonna come around the corner being chased by a bull at any minute. After a beer or two with Mike I decided it was time to head home. I thanked Mike for bringing his A game for the camera and promised I’d be back in the future

It took a a few months before I ended up making it back to the Sausage Castle, but I saw Mike everywhere on the internet. At the Gathering of the Juggalos, DJ Paul of 3-6 Mafia took a video of Mike Busey’s stage act which featured the 500-pound Big LA getting twerked on by one of the Busey Beauties. Once DJ Paul posted the video it went viral and ended up everywhere on the internet. Best or Worst Twerk of all time I think they called it. I saw it on Tosh.O one night at a bar and proudly pointed out,”Hey I know those people! Mike and I stayed in touch via text over the next months before I ended up coming out on Sunday when he was filming for a show with Vice host, Eddie Huang. I pulled in to the property to several air boats driving around, a helicopter landing, a camera crew filming, and lots of guns going off. Not just normal guns but cover your ears and wait for the cops to come type automatic weapons. Osceola County Sheriff did send a helicopter out for a fly by that day but luckily no officers showed up. Within 20 minutes of being there I experienced a shock wave from a grenade that I’ll never forget and then somehow ended up on FaceTime with rapper French Montana while sitting next to a 500 pound guy. “Big LA” is his name and he doesn’t look like he’s wearing any shorts because his belly hangs so low. Even the camera crew from Vice that had been to Afghanistan seemed a little weary of the chaos that was the Sausage Castle that day. Mike brought the full Mike Busey Show and managed to scare/offend/disturb the Vice host and crew so much that they left without actually making it inside the Sausage Castle. As I drove home that night I thought of all the weird stuff I’d seen in my two visits at the Sausage Castle. The weirdest thing was though, I hadn’t even been to a party there yet.


The next day I called Mike.


B: What are the top parties you’ve ever had at the Sausage Castle?

MB: I think it was in 2008 that Girls Gone WIld threw a party for Dom Vito’s 50th birthday party, Bam and whole crew were here and it was about the time his show on MTV was the biggest thing going. I remember the Girls Gone Wild bus pulling down the driveway that day like it was yesterday. That was one of the best nights ever, I remember girls getting salty because there wasn’t enough guys, the ration of girls to guys was something like 10-to1. Another time the Playboy Bus stopped by for a night to party, so many tour buses end up at my house after shows in downtown Orlando that it’s hard to remember specific nights. Promoters ask me what I pay people to come out and I always laugh, people come out here for a good time, there has never been money involved. Another epic night CKY came by after a show, I’m a huge fan so it fell surreal partying with those guys. Oh and the first time MGK came out was a wild night, I remember staying up till 9am. Oh and the first night ICP came over, and of course the night that I got arrested in the Santa outfit after like a 4 day bender/rager. There was probably three thousand people at my house that night.

B: How can someone who isn’t a celebrity or hot chick come over and party?

MB: Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it used to be. I used to invite everyone, people I didn’t know, whoever wanted to come really. I’d post my address on the internet the night of parties or just leave the front gate open and not worry about who showed up. Over the years I got a car stolen, a Jagermeister machine stolen, expensive memorabilia stolen, and who knows what else. One night some random tried to get fresh with one of the Busey Beauties and was over the line, he ended up passing out and getting pissed on by about 20 guys. No one wants to deal with situations like that. I don’t put up with that shit so these days it is pretty hard to come out and party unless you know someone or you are bringing something to the table. I have guys who come party that help out with security, another guy I know is a lawyer who helps me out, I have guys who help out with the landscaping that come party. It’s all about bartering in my world, people think I have money but man really this place holds itself together by everyone helping out.

B: Speaking of which, where do you get the money to keep the Sausage Castle going?

MB: Years ago we just used to have huge parties and charge 10 bucks at the door or whatever. Now I have “The Mike Busey Show” stage act that gets hired to perform at clubs, parties, festivals or whatever. I “used to” throw these Disney employee parties where we would bus in all nationalities of Disney employees who would pay me to party at my house. I get contacted by people that want to visit and want the VIP treatment at the Sausage Castle or guys that want to have their Bachelor parties for a weekend here. Basically if you have money and want to party like a rockstar, maybe hang out with some celebrities, maybe fire some automatic weapons, maybe have a threesome with two beautiful women you can find me at

B: What’s the best outcome of all this? A reality show? Fame and internet notoriety?

Shit man this whole Sausage Castle way of life was just started so that me and my friends could just have fun! I was only forced to take all this shit serious about 5 years ago when business opportunities arose…. I had to protect my dream! Which meant hiring security, charging people, etc. I was just enjoying all the memories me and my buddies were making! 15 years later…. Now I feel like I’m the camp counselor at a never ending summer camp for adults! I miss the earlier days when it was all much more simple!

The money & fame comes and goes! I’m cool with being the poorest dude in the cemetery! That’s why I never pay my bills in advance! Why would I want my cable to be still going if I been dead over a month? I have mastered how to be happy without money! Some of my greatest moments I had zero money! The media and attention is cool cause it’s a way to spread my way of thinking, kind of like sending a message out to other to the entire world and to other open minded people out there….. I really love is when people take a closer look at me and get it! Like when they actually understand and appreciate the lifestyle, the way of life, the community and family I have brought together! People from all different walks of life that don’t have to worry about being judged and do whatever the fuck they want and just want to enjoy life!

It’s impossible to win everyone over! This world is full of miserable fucks that love to shit on one another! Maybe if they got their dicks sucked every now & then they would just learn to smile and enjoy life……..

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